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    Meet Gavin Pringle!



    Gavin Pringle, the CEO of JAKAPA, brings a unique perspective to soft skills education. His journey began with personal adversity as he grappled with challenges in this crucial aspect of personal development during his youth. This struggle drove him to seek a transformative path, eventually leading him to the military and submarine service. It was within the confines of the submarine, in the depths of the ocean, that Gavin discovered the critical importance of soft skills. His firsthand experience illuminated the link between effective soft skills and success, especially in high-pressure, team-driven environments. This revelation laid the foundation for JAKAPA and its mission to empower individuals with the soft skills necessary for personal and professional growth.


    Gavin has experience in organizational leadership, teaching, and developing curriculum and assessments. He has over 7 years of management experience in the US Navy and education sector and five years experience as an instructor and professional development provider.


    He has successfully designed and executed multiple proofs-of-concept in the education technology space and has conducted extensive customer discovery and feasibility research in the education technology space. He leads our funding efforts, represents our company in St. Louis as an Arch Grant Winner, and focuses on sales.


    Phone: (314) 474-1210

    Address: 1418 Carroll St.

    Unit 203

    St. Louis, MO 63104


    For more information OR to request a demo, click HERE!

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