• Calculators For Kids Campaign

    Have you ever struggled to understand something? Maybe it's just not making sense. Maybe it's that you aren't clicking with who's teaching you. Maybe you have multiple obstacles that pile up to make the task just seem impossible. Can you imagine how excited you would be to find out you're getting help from someone who understands what you're going through...but you still have to complete the task with sub-par tools.


    Many of our families come to us and can barely afford everything else on their plate, so as long as their student has a calculator, then it's "good enough"...right? But what if we can help them succeed that much faster and that much easier just by making sure they have tools that are more than just "good enough"?


    This is where our Calculators For Kids Campaign comes in! We all know how hard something can be when you're working with a tool or a system that can do the job, but makes it so much harder. Willow Tree has a goal to give out 250 calculators in 2024 to students in need. Will you help?


    Please consider donating by clicking on the link below!



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    (fx-115ES PLUS)

    The preferred calculator for Willow Tree's students!


    The fx-115 ES PLUS from Casio is the preferred and recommended calculator for students to use on the ACT and in their math classes through Algebra 3.


    The combination of time-saving conversions, familiar formatting, and multi-functionality make this calculator easy to use, efficient, and affordable!


    The CASIO calculators also help students focus more on understanding the math (and not worrying about how to plug something in).


    If you would like to purchase a calculator for your student OR would like to donate a calculator to our Calculators For Kids Campaign, please click the link below!