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    Willow Tree Tutoring was founded by Jessica Beeson in 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a certified teacher with the State of Missouri. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Middle School English Education from Lindenwood University in 2011 and has experience working with the public, private, and charter school arenas. She has tutored a wide variety of subjects over the past 12 years and has developed the program that makes up the foundation of Willow Tree's philosophy.


    Because we believe so strongly in what we do and are so passionate about helping kids and adults of all ages, when you call us, we start you out with a FREE consultation and assessment. That's right! There is NO EXTRA COST to have your student's academic, social, and cognitive skills personally assessed by the President and Head Teacher herself, Jessica Beeson.


    Willow Tree provides one-on-one in-home tutoring to help build the fundamental skills and educational benchmarks that can often get left behind. From teaching new skill sets, to test prep, and basic organizational techniques, we help students catch up and get ahead in school. Along with forming and strengthening each student's academic capabilities, we also provide encouragement and continuous positive feedback to assist students in building their self-confidence. Since every session is tailored to meet the needs of each student, parents can feel confident that their child is receiving a well-rounded, supportive and inspirational experience from our tutors at Willow Tree.


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    Thinking about college can be overwhelming for both parents and students. With so many things to think about from which college to choose, what area to major in, and how much it will cost, the stress can put you over the edge. Let us help you get into the college you want AND save you thousands of dollars by helping you get the scores you need on the ACT and SAT tests. Reduce the stress and find success with Willow Tree's unique one-on-one study sessions using materials and documents straight from the ACT and SAT organizations! There are ONLY 8 one-to-one spots available each week and spots fill quickly, so reserve yours TODAY before it's too late!

    Check out our upcoming small group class on January 19th!


    Students will be given a full-length test packet along with the answer key for practice. We will be sharing tips for each section and time management skills to help raise their score. The students will spend approximately 20-30 minutes on each portion including time for questions. Students will also receive a personalized assessment from the instructor to help guide them in studying for the ACT. Seating is limited, so call us today to reserve your seat!

    Reduce the stress and find success with Willow Tree Tutoring.


    Date: January 19th, 2018
    Time: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
    Where: Spencer Library Room 213

    427 Spencer Rd.

    St. Peters, MO 63376

    Cost: $99--Payments can be made via PayPal or Google Wallet to jbeeson@willowtreetutoring.com OR by contacting us directly at
    (314) 620-9195 or jbeeson@willowtreetutoring.com.


    Fill out the form below to register, or call us today at
    314-620-9195 to get your name in.
    **Limited seating, so get in early!**




    Willow Tree helps students develop the following skills and subjects:

    • For Ages 5 and under, we provide support for: all pre-k subject areas including baby sign language, colors, counting, shapes, animals, sight words, time, etc.
    • For Elementary School (K-5th), we provide support for: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing and Grammar.
    • For Middle School (6th-8th), we provide support for: Language Arts, Reading, Speech, Science, History & Geography, and Mathematics.
    • For High School (9th-12th), we provide support for: Math (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry) Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speech, Sciences (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History (Government, World History, American History), Sociology, and Psychology.
    • For College, we provide support for: Math, Stats, Medical, Psychology, Political Science, History, Oral Communications, Chemistry, Biology, College Composition, Literature classes, Legal, and many more! 
    • Prep help and support for the NCLEX, PRAXIS, GED, and ACT/SAT tests. 

    We also provide test prep & anxiety management, organizational skills, and remedial reading assistance for all levels. Subject titles vary by school district. If a subject is not listed, please feel free to contact us and let us know!






    My name is Jessica Beeson and I am the Owner/Head Teacher at Willow Tree Tutoring, LLC. I have been with my husband for thirteen years this year and married for seven. We have a beautiful one-year-old baby girl, and are looking forward to expanding our family in the future.

    I have been tutoring a wide variety of subjects and ages since I was in high school and after receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle School English Education from Lindenwood University, I began looking for a teaching position. I looked at public schools, private schools, and charter schools, but none of them felt right. That's when I began making a list of what I wanted in an educational program and developed the philosophy that combines academics, stress management, self-confidence, organizational and test taking skills all into one, personalized, efficient and successful program. I look forward to helping you and your family live better, happier lives while building your foundations for a brighter future!




    While education is my passion it took me a while to pursue it. My first couple jobs I was a Department Manager and an Executive Professional Representative but that could not stop the idea of me wanting to change my career to education. I knew Education was the right path for me because it would challenge my abilities to coach individuals and help them gain their true potential. I light up at the thought of teaching others and sharing new knowledge. My passion has always been in teaching and working with others to become more knowledgeable. I have a skill to adapt any information to any skill level allowing me to teach and work with any age level. I grew up in a family who had a strong background in education as well as got some personal and professional experience in my jobs. I have past experience teaching and coaching a variety of different staff members. This has also given me the opportunity to bring in real life examples into my teachings. This way I can relate more to students and learners. I look forward to working with you and your child and guiding them into all the potential they are capable of.


    I have always looked forward to teaching my kids to get back up and stay positive through every educational struggle. I love knowing I am a positive light during our times together. I make sure to remind them everyday that negativity does not define who you are. My background in tutoring has a wide variety of subjects. I have worked with children at Heritage Christian Academy. I am experienced in many subjects such as English, speech/communication, history, algebra 1 & 2, biology, and physical science. As well as Spanish, German, bible studies, and music theory (piano/singing). My favorite age group to work with is Elementary age students. It makes my heart happy to see the impact I am making on them at such a young age. I look forward to working along side you and your child!


    Willow Tree is hiring! That's right! We are looking for some amazing and dedicated educators to add to our Willow Tree family. Details for each position can be found on indeed.com. We are currently seeking tutors for the following positions:

    • Elementary School Reading and Math
    • Middle School Reading and Math
    • High School and College level Algebra, Geometry, Stats and Calculus
    • Foreign Language including French, German, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

    If that's you, click the application buttons below to apply, then call or email us to get started right away! Must pass a background check. Pay begins at $18-$20 per hour based on experience.



    Click HERE for a detailed job description.

    Click HERE for an application.

    Click HERE for a W-9 Tax Form.




    These are just a few of the testimonials from our very happy clients...

    From Shonda Arellanes

    Parent of an ACT Student

    Jessica is the BEST!! She helped my son raise his ACT test score several points. Flexible with meeting times and always super nice! Highly recommend!!

    From J. Grosman:

    Parent of Middle School Student.

    Chesterfield, MO


    "We are clients of Willow Tree Tutoring​ and the owner Jess Beeson​ is a top notch person!  She truly cares for each and every child as they are her own kids.  We were having problems with our son who has ADHD.  The public school system is not for everyone and if you don't fit their mold you get left out.  We learned so much about the rights we have as parents when it comes to the IEP meetings that schools have with the parents.  It was shocking the information that Willow Tree Tutoring brought to our attention and how we are able to use that information to advocate for our son.   The last item I wanted to address is we have decided to move our son to a home school specifically for children with ADHD.  Jess Beeson sat at my kitchen table for 2 hours giving us all kinds of questions to ask to the home school teacher to make sure we chose the right schooling program for our son.  She and her company care so much for the kids they work with.  There is not another place like it out there in mine and my families opinion that do what they do."  


    From Eileen Holtzman

    Parent of an ACT Student

    My daughter was really pleased with the ACT Prep session. She was thrilled with all the practical tips that Jessica shared and took pages of helpful notes. Jessica was so friendly and reassuring, and this is coming from a. kid who doesn't connect easily with teachers! The prep course was a great value - I can't believe how much they packed in a Saturday morning session. Well worth it! Thank you, Jessica - we're actually looking forward to the test results!


    From Gina Weinand

    Parent of a College Nursing Student

    O'Fallon, MO


    I just want to say how grateful I am to Willow Tree Tutoring and Jess Beeson! She was such a lifesaver to me and my daughter. I belong to O Fallon All Stars with Jess and listen to her talk of her tutoring and helping young students, high school students and kids prepare for ACT tests. My kids are College kids, out of high school. My daughter Sarah had graduated with honors from High School and received a scholarschip to UMSL into the nursing program. She then proceeded to graduate with Honors with a BSN in nursing. She excelled in school. Well next up came the Boards. Sarah had to pass the boards to receive her actual nursing license. No big deal, she graduated with honors, this is just one test. She took the prep classes and I thought was ready to go. Took the test, Fail. A few months later, tried again and Fail. After the 2nd Fail she was pretty upset, she always excelled. She tried on line prep courses, studied really hard and went for the 3rd time and again Failed. By this time she was very upset and was thinking she was not going to be able to be a nurse. I decided to talk to Jess to see if she could help a Nursing graduate with a Boards exam. She said she could. Sarah was just as happy to meet with Jess. They met a couple days a week and Jess was AWESOME! She gave Sarah a game plan, a study plan and over the course of two months they worked together and prepared for the dreaded boards. I am happy to report that thanks to Jess help, Sarah was able to face the test and PASS no more fails and is now living her dream. She received a job at the hospital within walking distance to her home and is so happy! I don’t know if she would have made it without the boost, the support and help she received from Jess and Willow Tree Tuturing. So no matter what stage, age or where you are in your learning, if you are struggling, CALL JESS!! She can help!!


    A very happy mom!!



    Thanks Uncle Sam

    Are you thinking about enlisting in the US Military? Are you already enlisted and need some guidance? In this book, I share my real life experiences to help you get to the next level in your career. You will learn from some of my successes and from my mistakes. There are also links to information that will help you before, during, and after your military enlistment.

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