• Sponsor Program

    Become a Sponsor! Create an Opportunity, Save a Dream!

    Your support will open many new opportunities for our students and will help them increase their ACT scores, succeed in school, and find their confidence. Many students are unable to afford the assistance or lack access to study materials. With your help, these resources become available to those that need it the most. For as little as $65, you can help a student achieve their dream!

    To sponsor a student, see our "Pricing" section to select your level of sponsorship OR contact us directly at jbeeson@willowtreetutoring.com OR by phone at (314) 620-9195.


    If you have a student in need of tutoring, but cannot afford the cost of the sessions, please contact us directly at jbeeson@willowtreetutoring.com or 314-620-9195 to become one of our sponsored families.